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Referees will register with the LNFA and they are expected to administrate games based on LNFA Policies and direction and FIFAs Laws of the Game.

LNFA Policies:

Referees will conduct a thorough check-in and properly report issues and incidents such as but not limited to issues with registration, misconduct and injuries using our Mobile Match Day System.

Referees will initiate the misconduct process when they report misconduct following these steps:

  1. Selecting the proper card from check-in roster.
  2. Selecting the proper misconduct code.
  3. Add a concise comment in the online report detailing what led up to the incident, what happened during the incident and then what happened immediately after it.

The LNFA will not comment on referee decisions and issues will be addressed through the proper channels.

LNFA referee ratings derrived from positive and negative feedback will be maintained in our system and reviewed for consideration amongst LNFA and Referee leadership.

Referees will provide a liaison who will engage our captains in an effort to build a healthy rapport. Referees and the referee liaison will be invited to join us in misconduct process.

Online Video Instructions for reference: , the password to access the video is lnfa1996.

Please remember these important points.

  • Please remember to submit your report by pushing the submit button during the reporting flow.
  • Please complete a thorough check-in verifying everyone is properly registered and eligible to play. Please notify the player and their captain(s) of issues and document them in the comments of the report. If a player and / or captain disregards your notifications then the LNFA will follow up using your report.
    • Please do not check-in players by handing your mobile device to the captain(s) and having them check-in players.
    • You are to verify players identity using their photos.
  • Please document all misconducts and injuries using the icons on the roster page, misconduct codes and comments.
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