Association football valuing family, discipline and organization.

Welcome to the Laguna Niguel Football Association (LNFA) and the Laguna Niguel Coed Soccer League (LNCSL) where we cultivate a recreationally competitive environment for our football family to express their love of the beautiful game. We host three divisions; 11v11 Sunday (men's over / under 30 hybrid division), 7v7 Wednesday (men's open) and 11v11 Coed Friday (women and men over 30 with some exceptions). Our association is affiliated with USSSA, US Soccer and FIFA.

If you are a new player please complete our Find a Team process by selecting Find a Team. You will be able to respond to advertisements which our teams have posted and you will have the ability to add yourself to our Free Agent List.

If you are a new team looking to join the LNFA please Contact Us using the form below and provide a contact phone number. Please review divisional rules for the division or divisions you wish to participate in. We accept new teams as needed to support expansion or replace current teams which have reached the final whistle. 

For youth play please visit the Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association (LNYSA) and Laguna United Football Club (LUFC) .

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why play in the LNFA?

Because we provide quality, recreationally competitive football founded on values of family, discipline and organization. When you join our family you'll enjoy making memories that will last you a lifetime. Many of our players and teams have enjoyed football together for over a decade. Some for over 20 years!

No player cards, paper rosters and access to our sports management tools. Our web based end to end football management tool, League Lobster , ensures that you spend more time enjoying the game and less time working off the field. A team page keeps everyone "on the same page" and acts as a roster, attendance tracker, message board, and provides game information. The systems sends games notices which track attendance. All game day activities such as check in and game reporting are administrated online. Collect dues and so much more.

How does my team join the LNFA?

Review our divisional rules for the division or divisions you'd like to play in and then  Contact Us today! Include your phone number.

How much does it cost?

Player dues vary from team to team. Some teams are sponsored or have different expenses like new uniforms. Ask the captain and pay your dues on time!

Team dues are reasonable, stable and paid once per season. Contact Us if you are interested in joining our association for current dues and fees.

When does the season start?

Our Spring Season starts in January and runs through June. Our Fall Season starts in July and runs through December. We play +20 games / weeks per season. Seasons consist of league play, cup or playoffs and friendlies.

How do I join a team?

Use the Find a Team and Free Agent links above. Contact Us or look at the schedule and come to the fields and introduce yourself. When you Contact Us include whether you are over or under 30, what division or divisions you'd like to play in and what position(s) you play.

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