Our Rules


  1. Participants agree and acknowledge the following:

    1. Participation in Laguna Niguel Football Association (LNFA) and Laguna Niguel Coed Soccer League (LNCSL) activities implies that all participants, both on the field and otherwise, release the City of Laguna Niguel, the Laguna Niguel Community Service District (LNCSD), their officers, agents and employees, the LNFA, the LNCSL and our affiliates of any liability regarding participation in LNFA and LNCSL activities.

    2. Participants, both on the field and otherwise, agree to abide by the rules of the LNFA, the LNCSL, the City of Laguna Niguel, and its affiliated organizations and sponsors.

    3. Participants recognize the inherent risk of serious or permanent physical injury and possible death associated with LNFA and LNCSL activities and matches, tournaments and team travel activities and release, discharge and / or otherwise indemnify and hold harmless the LNFA, the LNCSL, the City of Laguna Niguel, USSSA, and its affiliated organizations and sponsors, volunteers, their employees and associated personnel, including the owners of fields and facilities utilized for our program(s), against any claim, lawsuit or written demand, including but not limited to any claims for personal or physical injury or death, by or on behalf of the participant as a result of the participants participation in our program(s) and / or being transported to or from the same, which transportation we hereby authorize.

    4. Participants authorize verification of the participant’s date of birth from legal records to be provided to an LNFA and LNCSL, and / or USSSA authorized representative for the limited purpose of verifying the participant's age and identity.

    5. Participants consent to emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed Health Care Provider or Dentist. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb or participants wellbeing and participants hereby agree to be financially responsible for all costs associated with such treatment.

    6. Participants consent to LNFA, the LNCSL, and / or USSSA taking photographs, video recordings and / or sound recordings in documenting the activities of the LNFA, the LNCSL and / or USSSA program(s) and / or services. Participants hereby grant Cal South and their affiliate’s permission to use the negatives, prints, motions pictures, video / audio recordings, or any other reproduction of the same for LNFA, the LNCSL and / or USSSA and its affiliate’s educational and promotional purposes in manuals, on flyers, the internet, or other publications.

    7. Participants have read this release and waiver of liability and fully understand its terms. Participants understand that we waive substantial rights by signing this form. Participants agree to waive all such rights above including the right to file a legal action or assert a claim for personal or physical injury or death of any kind.

  2. Alcohol, drugs and smoking are prohibited at all LNFA and LNCSL activities.

  3. The LNFA and LNCSL have the final say in all matters.

    1. The LNFA and LNCSL reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

    2. LNFA and LNCSL dues and referees fees are non-refundable.

  4. All players, coaches and administrators shall be registered with the LNFA and USSSA.

    1. Exception - LNCSL players, coaches and administrators are not required to be registered with USSSA.

  5. Teams shall have at least (4) four Captains for 11v11 teams and (2) two Captains for 7v7 teams.

  6. For leagues which maintain standings, wins shall be awarded with (3) three points and ties shall be awarded with (1) one point.

    1. If teams have equal points at the end of a season standings shall be determined by goal differential and if they are still equal then their head to head record will be an additional tie breaker, in this order.

    2. Exception - LNFA 11v11 Sunday Master's Cup play. See Schedules, Forfeits, Promotion and Relegation rule 2.1.

Schedules, Forfeits, Promotion and Relegation

  1. Schedules shall be consistent, visible and they shall be posted at the beginning of the season for the entire season.

    1. Exceptions - Cup, Mug, Playoff conflicts and / or weather and city events.

    2. Issues with the schedule shall be raised within (2) two weeks of the schedule being published.

    3. When possible teams will be given a minimum of (48) forty-eight hours’ notice of reschedules unless this notice is waived by mutual consent.

    4. Note - Playing short because of injury, family, social and / or work commitments is part of adult football and teams must manage these issues as best they can.

    5. Teams may only request reschedules for two reasons; religious observance or to represent the LNFA or LNCSL in another competition.

      1. These requests shall be made at least (30) thirty days prior to the requested exception.

  2. Forfeits shall result in a (3) three goal win for the opponent for 11v11 Sundays and a (5) five goal win for the opponent for 7v7 Wednesdays and Coed Fridays.

    1. Exception - LNFA 11v11 Sunday Master's Cup group stage forfeits shall result in a (2) two goal win and (9) points.

      1. Up to (3) three points shall be awarded based on goal differential. 

    2. Teams which forfeit within (24) twenty-four hours of their scheduled match time shall pay the full  (both teams) referees fees payable to the referees association.

    3. If a team forfeits more than (1) one match in a season they may incur an additional (3) three point penalty after forfeiting their second match.

      1. An emergency divisional meeting may be held to evaluate the health of the team and if necessary to take action to maintain the integrity of the competition.

  3. Should a team abandon a match the match shall be awarded to their opponent as a forfeit.

    1. Teams may lose an additional (3) three points for bringing the association into disrepute.

  4. Should a team fail to complete the season the team shall be removed from the table.

    1. The misconduct record shall not be altered.

    2. If a failed team returns they shall return into the lowest division.

  5. When more than (1) one division exists within a league there shall be (2) two automatic relegation and (2) two automatic promotion spot between divisions.

    1. Teams may defer from promotion and playoff into a higher division.

  6. For LNFA Cup, Mug and Playoff scheduling and bracketing the "best loser", the team which loses in the previous round by the fewest goals, may may be used to ensure rounds have an even number of teams.

Match Day

  1. LNFA matches shall end (5) five mins before our permitted time ends.

  2. LNFA and LNCSL shall yield to other permitted groups and phone Freddy if there any issues at (949) 290-6582.

    1. If Freddy is not available then please wait patiently from the parking lot. If the matter is not resolved in a timely manner then please disperse and we will address it through the proper channels.

  3. All LNFA and LNCSL players shall be registered / rostered prior to participation.

    1. There are no exceptions (guest players).

  4. Players may play for more than one team in the LNFA and LNCSL but may not play for more than one team within a division on the same match day.

    1. Exception - LNCSL teams may share registered / rostered players.

  5. Age is based on the player’s birthday, not a seasonal date of eligibility.

  6. Teams shall be on opposite sidelines where this is an option.

  7. Team Captains shall introduce themselves to the referees and their opposite Captains prior to the match.

  8. Check-in and match reporting shall be administrated by our referees using our Mobile Match Day web based application.

    1. Please follow these online video instructions for check-in and match reporting:  https://vimeo.com/102565182 .

      1. Note - The password to access the video is lnfa1996.

      2. Note - Check-in and match reporting begins at https://vimeo.com/102565182#t=2m12s

      3. Issues (ex. registration, rosters, spectators, etc.) should be documented in match reporting.

      4. If a player is marked in-eligible (red) they shall not play.

        1. If a team Captain states that the player is eligible then the issue should be reported in the match report and the player may play.

        2. The LNFA and LNCSL shall follow up on reported issues.

      5. All injuries (where a player leaves the field) and misconduct shall be reported and commented on.

        1. Select the appropriate misconduct from the misconduct drop down (if applicable).

        2. Injury Comments - A concise statement of facts describing what happened prior to, during and after the incident.

        3. Yellow Cards Comments - Short Description

        4. Red Card Comments - A concise statement of facts describing what happened prior to, during and after the incident.

      6. All match reporting shall be completed and submitted within a timely manner, not greater than (12) twelve hours.

    2. When at non-LNFA and non-LNCSL fields, LNFA and LNCSL team Captains shall check-in and match report with the referee present.

    3. Exception - Inter-league opponents shall provide a printed roster for check-in and match reporting and LNFA and LNCSL refreees shall text a picture of the complete roster to Freddy after the game. 

  9. LNFA and LNCSL matches shall be played according to IAFB Laws of the Game for rules not specified in Our Rules.

  10. Only the team in possession of the ball may substitute on a throw-in. 

    1. Substitutions are reciprocal for the team not in possession of the ball.

    2. Either team may substitute on a goal kick or kick off.

    3. Exception - LNFA 7v7 Wednesday substitutions may occur anytime through the corner flag.

  11. Players receiving a yellow card shall sit out for (5) five minutes and may be replaced.

    1. The (5) five minute time will be kept by the referee(s).

    2. Exception - LNFA 11v11 Sunday

    3. Exception - If a team is playing with the minimum number of players then a player receiving a yellow card shall not leave the field and the match shall not be abandoned.

    4. Exception - If a keeper receives a yellow card then another field player may sit out in his place. 

  12. LNFA Cup, Mug, and Playoff matches shall have a winner and will be decided by kicks from the mark immediately after the match ends. Please expedite this process due to time constraints.

    1. Exception - LNFA 11v11 Sunday Master's Cup non-final knock out round first games may be tied. 2nd games shall go to kicks from the mark if the aggregate score is tied.

      1. LNFA 11v11 Sunday Master's Cup finals which are tied will go to (2) two (10) ten minute over time periods. If the score is still tied then they will take kicks from the mark.

        1. Over time may be waived with both teams agreement.

      2. LNFA 11v11 Sunday Master's Cup will not consider "away goals" or "golden goals".

  13. Team Captains may protest the score of the game, give referee feedback and report any other feedback about the game via the Protest link in the match report or through the team page Show Past Events action.

    1. Go to the Match Report or team page.

    2. Select the Protest link.

      1. Submit the correct score which will be verified prior to being updated or,

      2. Submit an analytically concise but thorough documenting of the referee feedback detailing the referees game management and / or applications of Our Rules and the Laws of the Game or

      3.  Submit an analytically concise but thorough documenting feedback about the game.

    3. Regarding referee feedback;

      1. All referee feedback will be forwarded to the referees association.

      2. Feedback will be solicited from opponents and consistent feedback will carry more weight with our referees.

      3. Feedback will be discussed with our referees and addressed according to its weight and trends built over time.

  14. LNFA 7v7 Wednesday hosts men. 

    1. Teams shall have players over the age of (18) eighteen.

    2. Matches shall consist of (2) two (30) thirty minute halves.

    3. Referees fees of ($27) twenty-seven dollars per team shall be paid to the referees prior to the game.

    4. There is no off-side rule.

    5. All restarts are free kicks.

      1. Restarts from out of bounds are indirect.

      2. Players shall be at least (5) five yards from restarts.

      3. Walls shall consist of no more than (2) two players.

  15. LNCSL 11v11 Friday hosts coed.

    1. Teams shall have male players over the age of (30) and female players over the age of (23) twenty-three.
    2. Teams shall field a minimum of (5) five female players.

    3. Matches shall consist of (2) two (40) forty minute halves.

    4. Teams shall communicate to one another any deviations from Match Day rules 14.1 and 14.2 a minimum of (5) five hours prior to their scheduled match time.

    5. There are no slide tackles.

      1. Referees should give players who slide tackle a yellow card for UB.

      2. Teams shall be at the field with a minimum of (7) seven players, referees fees and match balls (15) fifteen minutes before match time.

    6. Teams may request a (5) five minute grace period if they have < (7) seven players at match time but shall start the match if they have ≥ (7) seven players within the (5) five minute grace period.

  16. LNFA 11v11 Sunday hosts men.

    1. Teams shall have players over the age of (30) thirty.

      1. Exception, Inter-league, League Play - Teams may have a maximum of (8) eight players under the age of (30) thirty but shall not field more (3) three players who are under the age of (30) thirty.

      2. Exception, Inter-league, Masters Cup - Teams may have a maximum of (8) eight players under the age of (30) thirty but shall not field more (2) two players who are under the age of (30) thirty.

      3. Exception - Goal keepers are exempt from age restrictions.

      4. Players under the age of thirty (30) shall wear an armband.

    2. Matches shall consist of (2) two (45) forty-five minute halves.

    3. Referees fees of ($85) eighty-five dollars per team shall be paid to the referees prior to the game in Laguna Niguel (CVP and LNSSP).

      1. Exception - non-LNFA referees (non-LNFA fields) referees fees of ($90) ninety dollars per team shall be paid to the referees prior to the game in Lake Forest and ($100) one hundred dollars in Irvine. *LNFA teams may request a ($10) ten dollar reimbursment from the LNFA for games in Irvine.

    4. Teams shall not exceed (26) twenty-six active players.

    5. Teams shall be at the field with a minimum of (7) seven players, referees fees and match balls (15) fifteen minutes before match time.

      1. Teams may request a (5) five minute grace period if they have < (7) seven players at match time but shall start the match if they have ≥ (7) seven players within the (5) five minute grace period.

      2. If a team cannot field a team after the (5) five minute grace period then they will be penalized with an award of a goal to their opponent.


  1. Players who recieve a red card shall leave the field and venu in a timely manner.

  2. Players and teams may be sanctioned regardless of whether or not misconduct is formal (reported in the match report) or informal (not reported in the match report).

  3. The Misconduct Review Board (MRB) may review formal or informal misconduct in order to determine the appropriate sanction(s).

    1. The MRB shall consist of (2) two third-party captains who were not involved in the match and Freddy or another delegate not involved in the match.

    2. The MRB shall review misconduct through the review of the match report, team statements, Our Rules and the player(s) discipline record.

      1. Team statements shall be submitted through the Match Report or team page by selecting the Protest link.

      2. Team statements shall be a concise but thorough documenting of the misconduct; what happened immediately prior to the misconduct, during the misconduct and after the misconduct. 

    3. Freddy or another delegate shall facilitate the review and if necessary provide a final determination if the (2) third-party captains are not aligned on the sanction.

    4. MRB sanctions shall be aligned with Our Rules Misconduct Codes, LNFA and LNCSL prior sanctions.

      1. Exception - The MRB may consider extenuating circumstances when applying sanctions.

        1. Example - When a player initiates misconduct versus a player who retaliates to misconduct.

    5. Sanctions ≥ (5) matches shall automatically be reviewed by the MRB. 

    6. Players may participate in the misconduct review.

  4. Sanctions which are > (2) two matches may be protested by the team Captain selecting the protest link of the match report or from the team page.

    1. Protests shall be limited to misapplication of Our Rules.

  5. Sanctions which are ≥ (5) five matches shall apply to all LNFA and LNCSL play.

    1. You shall not play in any LNFA or LNCSL matches under this sanction.

  6. A minimum of (1) one match shall be added to a sanction when a player receives (2) two red cards within one season.

  7. Players may appeal disciplinary action through our affiliates.

  8. Informal misconduct shall be documented.

  9. Misconduct Codes and Sanctions